The Blockchain, and how you can buy digital creativity




You might never have heard of the blockchain but you just might have heard of Bitcoin? If you haven't Bitcoin it is to most of the public and certainly the mainstream media a mad, new digital currency, a craze a few years ago, bound up with geeks getting rich then all that 'imaginary' wealth being evaporating before their eyes.


In actuality Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, that is to say it has no physical coins or notes but the digital files that represent its coinage (its value) is verified as being unique by complex mathematics. The veracity of so called real world currency like the dollar is taken care of by governments and central banks. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies however are verified by maths and crucially by a network of decentralised computers. This means that no company, organisation or government interferes with this checking. The blockchain is the record of this buying and selling, this movement of digital assets. It is the ledger of accounts and is immune to forgery and tampering.


The blockchain is more than an accounts sheet for digital money though. It can accumulate any data. For example digital images like the one on the right. This image or more specifically the high resolution version has been coded into the blockchain. It is one of ten digital copies. In traditional arts these would be prints/copies that would be numbered and usually signed. Here these copies are individually registered into the blockchain for anyone to look up and verify. You could not simply copy the file, it is now unique just as a signed limited edition print is unique.


Anyone who makes digital goods, art, music etc can use services like or to register digital works into the blockchain. The future is looking up for creative digital content in the 21st century!


To buy my blockchain verified works please contact me via email for prices.






*NOTE* all works can be bought in BITCOIN

I'm an artist and painter working in the UK. My works can be found in private collections, and commercially in magazines, advertisements and online. From 2004 I've been exploring transhuman themes and thread this into my current work. © 2015 Russell Rukin