h1(Absolute beginner) - {work in private collection} 2014 Acrylic and glass-twirl to front on board, sprayed acrylic on back board (32cm x 44cm).


This artwork is a whole made from three distinct artworks. The outer surface is a möbius strip of canvas with a painted face to the from and stenciled acyclic artwork on the backface. The construction is hollow and contains, data storage, the sitters DNA and the third artwork.


These works consciously use portraiture and its tradition of a commission. In the past immortality could only be bought at the hand of an artist or the skills of a priest embalmer. I'd like to revive that tradition..

I'm interested in the in between or cusp aspects of life and reality. Where does truth cross into lie, the real into the unreal, how does the virtual intersect with what we understand as the everyday? What is left to be discovered what will forever be hidden?

For me glass and crystal are great cusp materials. Whilst seemingly solid in our experience of time if viewed over long time periods they behave more like a liquid, exhibiting "creep". They also can magnify and enhance, bringing you closer to the subject or distort it. Warp or cloud a view.

These particular works meld the interests of my sitters with my own. I try to explore the world through their eyes and then test the reverse and imagine they are turning over issues that interest me.

Cryptocurrencies and the unfolding and rise of structures that could compete with the vast financial sector and even governments are hot topics for my mind at the moment.

(limited edition blockchain certified print files are available of rear artwork). Please email for details.

I'm an artist and painter working in the UK. My works can be found in private collections, and commercially in magazines, advertisements and online. From 2004 I've been exploring transhuman themes and thread this into my current work. © 2015 Russell Rukin *NOTE* all works can be bought in BITCOIN if you are familiar with the cyrptocurrency.